Want NATURAL CONTROL over food...for good?
For busy women who want natural control over food by elimintating bad eating habits and ending their all or nothing thinking
Who’s This For?
  • You’re trying to be perfect throughout the day, and then fall into a binge late at night...or perhaps you're in control Monday to Friday, and out of control over the weekend (and start again on Monday morning).
  • ​You've got a pattern of self sabotage around food. You eat in secret and feel so ashamed. 
  • ​You’ve been on and off weight loss and/or fitness programs for years, and nothing has worked in the longer term. You feel like a failure and you're so sick of your weight going up and down. 
  • ​Your relationship with food is a constant struggle.  Why does it seem so EASY for others and so HARD for you?
  • ​You crave a 'normal' relationship rather than being consumed by thoughts around food and your weight all day, making you feel stressed and affecting all areas of your life. 
What's the Solution?
First of all, willpower and self control have nothing to do with your emotional eating and weight.

The solution lies in how your brain is wired around your bad eating habits.

Willpower is ONLY short term, which means that you can try to use what I call 'forced control' strategies, which are mindset hacks. Some examples include brushing your teeth early or telling yourself that the kitchen is closed or distracting yourself from your craving,  but they don't work in the longer term.

Forced control strategies involve hard work and explain the in control vs out of control eating dynamic, which leads to more weight gain in the longer term.  

This explains why you can start dieting or trying to be 'good' with food, or you're like me in the past, flogging myself doing 5 Spin Classes at the gym per week, only to blow it all at night ....and then start again tomorrow.

This is because your brain is currently wired around your bad eating habits (see right hand side brain scan).  

This means when you are triggered with any form of stress (work, family, financial, relationship) OR you are triggered by your old eating situations (such as night time eating in front of the TV, or biscuits with your coffee etc) your brain is wired to eat.  Not only that, you are REWARDED for eating in this way as your brain releases hormones that feel good to keep this habit going!!

This is why you are often powerless to say NO to the food in the moment. 

Source: Peta Stapleton
What you're craving is 'natural control' over food.

Natural control occurs by re-wiring your brain (see left hand side brain scan).

This is where cravings literally disappear in the matter of days or weeks.

Your brain shows NO INTEREST. 

You can leave food on your plate, you can have a coffee without thinking about cake or half a packet of biscuits, and you can relax at night WITHOUT food. You feel calm and at peace around food, leaving you with more emotional and mental energy to enjoy your life.

Natural control strategies are easy, effortless and permanent. 

The best part is that this is based off solid science with over 12 years of research and VERY FAST RESULTS!

Introducing Food Brain RE-WIRED 
28 Day Online Program
A 28 day email delivered online course to re-wire your brain to have a 'normal' relationship with food. 

I will teach you this science based technique (based off the brain scans above and 12 years of research in the area of food cravings). No previous knowledge or experience is required.  All you need to do is open your email each day, follow my lead in a video for 10 minutes a day. That's it!

For 6 weeks you have access to me in a closed community to ask questions and get the results you crave!

And you keep the course materials for life.
The program re-wires your brain around these sabotaging eating patterns:
Module 1: Control Your Food Cravings VALUE: $499
Do you have a strong emotional connection with specific foods such as chocolate, cheese, fast food, chips or ice cream? Right now your brain is wired to seek out these foods. Are you ready to break your emotional connection with these foods so they no longer have the power over you? You can still choose to eat these foods, but you will be able to stop at one, meaning YOU will now have the power!
Module 2: Control Your Emotional Eating VALUE: $499
Do you eat in secret? Engage in stress, boredom, binge or comfort eating? Or eat larger portions? This is the module for you that will see a reduction in these problematic eating patterns. This module will create new brain pathways that let you take or leave the food on your terms.

Module 3: Control Your Night Eating VALUE: $499
Do you eat at night when everyone else is bed to have some 'me' time? Many busy women are using food at the end of the day as an opportunity to relax and unwind, but the issue is they are using food to numb out and it's a form of self sabotage. This module will re-wire your brain so you will lose interest in night time eating and instead be able to relax without using food.
Module 4: Control Your Reward Eating VALUE: $499
Do you use food as a reward? Maybe it's at the other end of a hard day or week. Or maybe you deserve a treat for working hard. Using food as a reward is a form of self sabotage, and this module will allow you to break the emotional connection with using food in this way.

But that’s not all…

You also get access to a FB group of like-minded women. We’re all on the journey to finally controlling our relationship with eating.

It’s inspiring and motivating when you see other women just like you on the same journey to self-healing. There’s something about communities that make this dark topic light-hearted and enjoyable.
BONUS: Control Your Desire To Buy Your Sabotaging Food VALUE: $499
Imagine if you had no desire to buy your sabotaging food in the first place? How much easier would life be then? That's what will happen when you complete this Bonus Module !! It will change everything!!!

BONUS: Identity Shift Module VALUE: $3997
How do you feel about your relationship with food and your weight?  Do you feel like it's hard work or a struggle? Do you have a 'last supper' mentality or a 'I'll start tomorrow' mindset? Do you start being in control, only to end up being out of control and sabotaging all your good work?

Your identity is so incredibly powerful. If you have an identity that weight loss is hard work, guess what? It will be hard work. If you have an identity that it's OK to keep starting tomorrow, then guess what, you will continue to stay stuck and sabotage yourself and not meet your health and weight loss goals. 

Bottom line is you need to have the identity of the person you want to become for sustainable change. 
In this transformative module, we will shift your identity to one that is successful, who has a normal relationship with food, whilst meeting your weight loss goals...and having all of this be EASY!!!   Imagine how that would FEEL?

Once you shift your identity to be successful in this area and for it to be easy, everything else will fall into place! Because your external appearance and your relationship with food will simply mirror your new identity.  

Most women think that once they 'have' what they want (i.e. weight loss), THEN they will ''be' the person they want to be (confident, successful, relaxed etc). It's the wrong way around. 

Sustainable change ONLY happens from the inside out.   

You must firstly 'be' the type of person who succeeds before you 'have' what you want.

This module alone is worth 10 x the investment of this program. 


When you join us in the next 72 hours, you receive a FREE BONUS for those who hate wasting food.

It's for those women who are a member of the 'clean plate club' who have to eat every morsel on their plate. And for those women who can not bring themselves to throw perfectly good food in the rubbish bin, especially if you've worked hard to prepare it, or paid good money for it!

It's worth more than the whole course!! Grab it before it disappears. 
Breaking Bad Eating Habits Has Now Become Easy
Join the Food Brain RE-WIRED Program and start today. 

Every element in Food Brain RE-WIRED is planned, tested and backed by the results, and gleaming testimonials I’ve received from hundreds of satisfied clients.   

This program works in real-world situations. Plus, you’ll quickly realize you don’t need willpower when you’re forgetting about sabotaging yourself. 

Unlike other programs out there, Food Brain RE-WIRED is a comprehensive done-for-you program. There’s nothing to track, nothing to calculate and nothing to figure out. All you do is follow along with the program.

You will receive an email daily for the next 28 days.

Simply open your email I sent you that day, watch the short 10-minute video and follow my lead.

Once you’re done, you’re done. There are NO EXTRA STEPS. No going to the gym. No crazy food plan. No shopping list for foods you can’t pronounce.

Everything you need to do is right in the comfort of your digital device, and you can access it anywhere anytime. You can access this wherever you are reading this right now.
I’ve set up a Facebook group where you can meet other like-minded women along with myself to answer any questions you might have along the way. 

You’ll also get access to the Facebook group for 6 weeks. 

After that you will ALWAYS have the course material.  

Just Look At A Few Women Who Have Done This Already
  • A Leading Psychologist who specialises in food & weight
  • ​3 month waiting list in a busy private practice
  • Thousands of hours working with women 1-on-1 in her private practice, re-wiring their brain around food
  • ​Helped over 8,000 women from around the world to take their power back from food with my effective psychological approaches
  • ​Mum of 2 gorgeous boys!!!
From: Georgie Beames, Registered Food Psychologist.
Hi lovely, my name is Georgie Beames and for the last 5 years, I’ve specialized in helping women beat emotional eating for good. \

As a chronic emotional eater growing up, I remember feeling completely out of control around anything sweet or delicious. I used to hide at night eating ice cream watching my favourite shows.

The triggering moment of change happened when I turned 30. By this point, my sister, mother & grandmother were married, with their first child. It was tradition. I was still single…

...and I felt like I didn’t belong.

I knew my eating habits were holding me back…

I tried therapy with a psychologist, but they weren’t a specialist…

I spent hours at the bookstore reading about feelings and eating without control…

I even tried several online courses but talk therapy and other similar methods were about “thinking” through the problem.

And what’s funny is…

I was never “thinking” when it came to late-night cravings…

It just happened.

As I was struggling, I studied psychology. I buried myself in heaps of eating books.

And that’s when I had my “Aha”.

All the experts were talking about “thinking” through the problem…


I knew the problem was EMOTIONAL and to do with the wiring in my brain around my bad eating habits.

Once I re-wired my brain, I finally felt in control. But this control felt easy and effortless and years later, I still have it without even trying!

Once I found it, I knew I had to share it with others.

Whats' The Investment?
So how did I price this?

Right now I charge AUD $300/hr at my practice and each client will require at least 8 sessions (usually closer to 12) before they can get the same results you’ll get in this program. 

(That’s $300 x 8 = $2,400.00 MINIMUM…..but more likely $300 x 12 = $3,600 to get the same results)

So as you can see…

It would have made a lot of sense to charge at least $1,300.00 for this.

However, I’m giver. I want to provide the best value, and have the best product in this niche.

So you’re not going to pay $1,300…

Or even $800…or $500…

Get Food Brain
ONLY  $397 !
Was $597
Or 6 Monthly Payments of $79
Try it with our...
“Don’t Pay If It Doesn’t Work” Guarantee
There’s no risk in trying out this product. The truth is you’ll know if this works for you within the first few days. 

Trust me, as someone who has struggled with emotional eating herself, I know how it feels to try something with good intentions, only to have it ruin your confidence more. 

This program was made with this in mind. I hate trusting someone and getting taken. You’re safe here.

The best part of these “brain change” modules is how FAST they work. You can literally see results in days. 

That’s why you can try it for 1 week to see if it’s exactly what you hoped for. 

Follow my daily instructions, post in the community and if you haven't felt a shift in 7 days, we will refund your money immediately. 

Bottom line: I want you to succeed no matter what. 

Still not sure?
It makes sense why you think your situation is unique-ly hopeless. 

Just because you know what’s hurting you doesn’t mean you can fix it easily. 

This Food Brain RE-WIRED is designed to fix the root of the problem. 

The truth is there’s nothing more responsible for your actions than your brain. And we’re focusing on the very pleasure centers that are sabotaging all your efforts so you feel AMAZING.

There’s no risk in trying out this program, you’re backed by a guarantee that will let you test this 'brain makeover' risk-free. The truth is you’ll know if this works for you within the first few days. If you’re not pleased with the results, simply send us an email and we’ll refund you immediately.

There’s a chance you think you won’t be able to do this because of past failures. I’ll tell you the reason that’s happening right now: you've probably relied on willpower a little too much. And this course does not require an ounce of willpower. 

Once you watch and follow the video instructions you’re done. You can continue on the rest of the day, and your brain will AUTOMATICALLY prevent you from overeating.

This also may be a large investment for you. 

If it is, I want you to think about this: How would this save money in other areas of your life? 

For example, I had a client who used to binge almost every night. She’d go to the supermarket on the way back from work and grab her favourites. Over time, those little purchases added up. Before she knew it, she was spending a third of her salary on food. 

This program will end that habit for you. You won’t have to overspend on food. Your brain won’t let you. It’s not interested in overeating anymore. 

The quick fix, promise the world, dieting industry has ruined the trust of those with good intentions. So if you need more time to think about it, here’s what I’ll say...

Right now you have 3 options:

Option one is to try and figure this out yourself. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. It does take work to find all the material I’ve collected over the last decade. Is it impossible? No. If you want to take this route, let me know. I’ll send you the resources but just know you’ll be reading for a good 6 months straight with no breaks. There’s a lot of psychology involved with the program that is going to be tough to learn quick.

Option two is to do nothing. 

You don’t HAVE TO curb late-night cravings. You can continue on the path you’ve created for yourself and try to avoid foods using willpower. Maybe you have enough willpower to avoid snacks and sweets at night. I don’t know. What I do know is if willpower isn’t there, you may fall into a destructive pattern. It’s up to you.

Option three is to skip years of struggles, shortcutting your way to a normal relationship with food.

I’ve spent thousands of hours studying emotional eating and have tested hundreds of different scripts with my clients. Through years of trial and error, I found the most effective stratgies to re-wire your brain in days (not months).

What you’re getting is my life’s work. It means so much that you’d trust me for something so close to your heart. 

GET Food Brain RE-WIRED Today
for ONLY $397 !

Or  6 Payments of $79
Get Food Brain RE-WIRED and all the bonuses 
TODAY for...
ONLY  $397 !
Was $597
Or 6 Payments of $79
ONLY USD$79 x 6 monthly payments
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You just need 10 mins a day.
Follow my lead on the videos.
Re-wire your brain.
100% Money Back Guarantee
When you join, I teach you how to tap. You receive a daily step by step instruction  for 28 days. All you need to do is prioritise 10 mins a day.  Plus you get:
  • ​4 Evidence Based Processes developed by an Eating Psychologist who's an expert in this area that you can use for life (VALUE $1,997)
  • ​Support & Accountability for 6 weeks in a private community with access to Georgie  (VALUE $2,497)
  • Lifetime access to all Course Materials (VALUE $2,999)
  • Bonus Module- Control Your Desire to Buy the Food in the First Place & Identity Shift Module 
Total VALUE $7,493
You Only Pay $397
You Only Pay $397 Today
OR 6 monthly payments of $79

Georgie's Promise

  • ​You will re-wire your brain around food in 10-15 minutes a day
  • ​ You will have day to day and week by week structure via email and support and accountability in a private Facebook community for you to get the best outcome
  • ​You will be using the best evidence based tools to reduce your eating sabotage
  • ​You will feel more in control and calm around food, and excited and hopeful about the future
Questions? Ask Away...
Will Food Brain RE-WIRED work for me?
Yes! The methods in Food Brain RE-WIRED have already helped hundreds of “out of control” women. We’ve got testimonials from women of all ages, people who have tried and failed with diets, and even from people with seemingly impossible goals.

Will Food Brain RE-WIRED work with my crazy schedule?
Of course. The short 10 minute videos are hand-picked to be quick and easy to consume. You don’t have to spend your valuable time wondering what to do. Simply open the next email, follow my lead, and feel the anxiety melt away.

What if I have a special occasion or travel coming up? Is it better to wait?
I can’t think of a better time to use Food Brain RE-WIRED. Special occasions and traveling are usually the moments we feel most vulnerable. There’s delicious food everywhere and you don’t feel like following your strict food plans. With Food Brain RE-WIRED, you can automatically avoid foods that could make you feel worse later.

I've had weight loss surgery. Is this program relevant?
Yes! Georgie has specialised with weight loss surgery patients and many have completed the program. It's relevant for you once the 'honeymoon' period has worn off and your old eating habits are sneaking back in, leading to sabotage.

What if I have a health condition? Can I still do Food Brain RE-WIRED?
Yes! You can do this even if you’re on medication such as anti-depressants.

Is this a monthly charge?
There are no monthly charges unless that’s what you want. You’ll get instant access to the complete Food Brain RE-WIRED program for a single one-time payment of just $397. And remember, your investment risk-free and fully protected by our “Don’t Pay If It Doesn’t Work” guarantee.
It’s Time To Make it happen!
When you join us in the next 72 hours, you receive a FREE BONUS for those who hate wasting food..

It's for those women who are a member of the 'clean plate club' who have to eat every morsel on their plate. And for those women who can not bring themselves to throw perfectly good food in the rubbish bin, especially if you've worked hard to prepare it, or paid good money for it!

It's worth more than the whole course!! Grab it before it disappears. 
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